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A. 采购(Purchasing and Sourcing):
青云可以帮助海外客户购买中国的电子零件: 电子组件(IC ,电容,电阻等),定制零件(例如金属外壳,塑料盖等),照明产品,机械配件,耗材(防静电垫,防静电手套,手带等) ,公司促销礼品等等.
Bluesky can help to purchase the devise parts from China for customers: Electronics components (IC, Capacitor, Resistance, etc) Customized parts(like metal case, plastic cover, etc) Lighting products, Machinery Parts, Consumable items (ESD pads, ESD gloves, hand strip, etc), company promotional gifts and more.


B.质量管理与控制(Quality control):
Devise products inspection (quantity, packing, marking and labeling, Workmanship, and client special requirements)
装运前检验(Pre-shipment inspection)
在生产过程中检验(During production inspection)


C.生产监控 (Production Monitoring):
生产计划 (Production Schedule)
相关会议安排 (Related meeting arrangement)
每日报告编制 (Daily reports preparation)


D.后勤管理 (Logistical management):
航运 - 出口纸箱条件检查 - 监督正确装载 - 航运标志 - 相关运输文件的准备 - 客户的特殊质量要求
Shipping - Condition of export cartons checking - Supervising proper loading - Shipping marks - Related shipping documents preparation - Clients' special requirements



电子 信息 产品 服务



Dongguan Pulong (东莞莆龙) Factory

High capacity manufacturing lines for LCDTV, Control System

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